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Juliet Piper At The Hotel Cafe

I went to see singer-songwriter Juliet Piper at The Hotel Cafe. The Hotel Cafe has a buzz for being Thee place to play and that more Indie artists have been signed out of The Hotel Cafe than any other club in L.A. in recent years.

Juliet has quite the buzz going on around her as well with getting Facebook Likes and radio airplay from KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and actually getting her song on the charts (Top 20) on 99.1 in Doble Nueve, Peru.

The competition is fierce for female acoustic folk-pop these days and Juliet opened the show for two other young ladies. So the question is how does someone like Juliet stand out in the crowd. She is a very good (catchy pop melodies) songwriter, a competent musician (guitar and piano) and an engaging performer and is very attractive, but so are a lot of other performers.

What sets Juliet Piper apart, immediately, can be described in one word; CHARM. Other female performers have onstage personas and musical styles that are individual and unique such as being moody and atmospheric or giddy and girlish or vampish and vixenish and that works for them but Juliet Piper is simply happy and charming. Now if that sounds to you to mean insubstantial and shallow, your sense of perception is limited. She actually stands out due to her confident, pleasant and easygoing demeanor and stage presence. It's one thing to be easy on the eyes but to also be easy on the heart and spirituality uplifting is refreshing in these days of The New Depression, and I mean Depression in more ways than one.

A great example of the vibe she exudes, even when she's not physically present, is her video for her song We Loved, animated by her and a friend using the garden gnome in her backyard. As an animator myself I find this video both delightful and extremely impressive.

We Loved - written, performed and animated by Juliet Piper.

In the case of Juliet Piper, if I were a record company and was wondering how to market her music, I wouldn't. That is, I wouldn't market her music, I'd market her. She represents, or could represent, such a positive role model for young girls that her music could be sold as just another product under the Juliet Piper banner along with any number of merchandise products such as clothing, perfumes, books, jewelry and yes, even garden gnomes.

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