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Late Night Voodoo

I was listening to George Noorey on Coast To Coast AM and he had as his guest Rizwan Virk the author of Zen Entrepreneurship. Basically, the universe is sending you clues about what you should do or what you should be doing and getting in touch with this hidden world will help you acheive success in the more obvious one.

One of the things that the book Zen Entrepreneurship teaches is to notice what Riz calls "glitches in the matrix" or weird feelings you get about something, some place or someone for no apparent reason. These could also be strange coincidences or what my late brother used to refer to as "voodoo". What he said on the air was intriguing enough to make me download the free sample for my Kindle which had enough information that conformed enough to the books I usually read to make me feel the info was coming from the same place, so I bought the ebook version. I almost immediately recognized a bit of "voodoo" when the author said that his first company was called Brainstorm Technologies. My first company name when I was accepting freelance work was called Brainstorm Studios. Voodoo.

After the initial interview George opened the phone lines to calls from listeners. One of the first calls he received for Riz was from an older guy who wanted to know how his band could "make it". Their lead singer had died about a year ago and the band decided to carry on but what should they do? He got a surprising amount of personal and specific questions from callers that night who evidently mistook him for a psychic or a fortune teller. But the fact that the first caller I heard was someone in my place (an old rocker) who asked probably just what I would have asked (if I was talking to a fortune teller). Riz's advice was not mystical but practical: just try to get a small fan base in your local town and start from there.

I often fall asleep listening to Coast To Coast AM, my favorite late night radio show (since I can't get Headsets with Jim Ladd anymore) but since Coast To Coast AM is broadcast on KFI AM in Los Angeles it means if I fall asleep with Coast To Coast AM I have to wake up with Rush Limbaugh. That's a crappy way to start the day.

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