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Only No News Is No News

My liberal wife is watching a video on the Internet of a TV interview from Fox News of an author who has written a history of Jesus. The trouble, as Fox News sees it, is that the author is a Muslim and apparently has some opinions that are not exactly Evangelical Christian. The author keeps politely insisting that his religion shouldn't matter as he has written about many religions in their historical context and that he is in fact a PHD in the History of Religion. He even pulled the old "some of my best friends are Christians" including his wife and all his in-laws.

Why I bring this up is that on first thought you might think why is this guy allowing an interview with FOX NEWS? He knew this was not going to be "fair and balanced". He enters the interview being seen as the enemy for first, being a Muslim and second, for daring to write about Christ.

What the bigger lesson to be learned here is that I and my wife, and whichever of her friends or family sent her the link to the video, got to see this it. Now that many more people know about this guy and his book and I'm even writing about it, although I'm not giving his name as this isn't a PR piece about his new book but about a lesson in Public Relations.

As a musician, or anyone wanting to get press, a antagonizing reporter may seem like a bad idea for an interview. A publication or a news network that you know doesn't like your politics may seem like you're going to be a sacrificial goat and made to look like a fool for the entertainment of their particular viewing audience, but that road travels both ways. This author's supporters and potential fans now know of this interview precisely because it was a bad interview and his message got out to more people who will like what he represents and may even buy his book simply to show support.

If you conduct yourself as a professional, do not get overly defensive or belligerent or angry toward your host no matter how much you're being attacked and insulted, you will have created an effective sales tool for yourself and your product. The only bad news is news of you acting badly.

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