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Rock & Roll Easter Eggs

I like to read the wacky (but is it true?) stuff they print on, especially the Rock and Roll stuff. Here's a new article about hidden messages in rock records:

20 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden on Famous Albums

There are also a lot of weird things snuck onto kid's animated movies. I should know since I've worked on a lot of children's animation. Sometimes we would draw something wildly inappropriate but knowing the assembly line process of old fashion 2D drawn animation we'd figure someone down the line would get a giggle out of the joke and then fix it. Most of the time the folks following up your work are either doing it in their sleep, don't care enough to fix it or let it pass through to see if you'll get in trouble for doing it in the first place. Some of the things we (the animators) would do is write rude words into the soles of tennis shoes when a character's foot is in the foreground while running away from the camera. Also, drawing anuses or genitals on animal characters.

The truly bizarre and sometimes frightening things that turn up in songs and movies aren't the ones that immature artists sneak in for a laugh but things that just happen by coincidence or by accident. One of the strangest happened to us when some fan pointed out how our song I Wish You'd Love Me syncs up with the movie The Wizard Of Oz. It was totally unintentional and freaked us all out when we saw it. Don't believe me? See for yourself;

The Wizards of Odd meet the Wizard Of Oz.

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