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How to Rock n Roll

How to Rock and Roll

A lot of people take interest in being a rock musician/star. The term "rock star" does not mean to be a good musician, it just means that you are popular and you want to get wasted and all of the other cliches involved in rock. To rock you do not need drugs. It's just a passion and love for rock 'n roll that makes you rock!


  1. Find your uniqueness. If you like something don't let anyone tell you otherwise about what you like.
  2. Find the type of rock you like.
  3. Find a store to get some clothes from, like Hot Topic, for example.
  4. Head down to guitar center and pick up an instrument. Pick out the instrument that appeals to you.
  5. Read up on your rock history, get some biographies and study up!!
  6. Learn your instrument, and combine styles. Expand to as many bands as you can to influence your playing.Be serious about your instrument. Don't think you rock because you own an expensive guitar but can't play it.
  7. Start a band. Hopefully you have some friends that are into rock music and are musicians themselves so you can start a band with them. When your band has a great bond, you are sure to make great music. If you guys don't like each other, you are not going to make good music.
  8. Jam a bit. Find a garage or a recreation center, or even the band room at school.
  9. Finally get your ass out there on the stage and ROCK!! Show the crowd your intensity. Forget about everything and let the rock sink in then everything will fall into place.

  • Be original.
  • Use your musical flaws as advantages!
  • Find heroes, admire them and learn from them but don't copy them.
  • If stage fright is an issue, just take a deep breath, throw your head back and just let it flow out.

  • Don't forget, "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll"-AC/DC
  • YOU DON'T NEED DRUGS TO ROCK. PEOPLE WILL TRY TO GET YOU TO USE THEM. JUST SAY NO. How do you think so many great rock musicians died so young.

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