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Playing With Your Image

In a previous post I talked about musician image in regard to their press bio. To illustrate the concept that the public will better understand your music and you, faster, lets see what sort of image we can think of that might work for well known non musician people. This has little to do with their own musical taste, just what their appearance, personal style and personality suggests.

President Barrack Obama: Genre: Smooth Jazz Clothes: Expensive suits Hair: short

Mel Gibson: Genre: Heavy Metal- Clothes: His old Road Warrior costume - Hair: long and wild (Braveheart style)

Brad Pitt: Genre: Pop Metal - Clothes: Torn Levi Jeans - Hair: long but styled as in Troy

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory): Genre: Goth - Clothes: black leather with heavy make up - Hair: short, like he wears it.

Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman, Breaking Bad): Genre: Punk Rock - Clothes: his street clothes from the show although the yellow hazmat suit could work too - Hair: short

Jon Hamm (Mad Men): Genre: 50s Retro / Rockabilly - Clothes: black T-shirt, jeans with black leather jacket - Hair: slicked back in ducktail style

Sarah Pallin (ex Governor of Alaska): Genre: Country - Clothes: tight jeans with anything else - Hair: big.

Joe Biden (VP of the USA): Genre: Classic Rock - Clothes: work shirt and jeans - Hair: back in a ponytail

 Get the general idea? What kind of a rock star would you be? What would you look like and what kind of band would you be in? This seems like a fun little parlor game but we actually do this in real life every day. Some of us are what we are because of what our parents brought us up to be, some of us are what we are because of what society wants us to be and some of us are who we choose to be. That last one is often the hardest thing to live with and I would bet that no one thinks they are anything other than what they choose to be but look at your next door neighbor, your fellow employee in the next cubicle or your own family members and try to imagine what they must be thinking if THAT'S how they actually want to be. Then go look in the mirror.

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