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Chantal Monte EP Syrup

Does anyone out there remember the "hit record" by Les Crane titled Desiderata? Les Crane was a DJ and talk show host who recorded a prose poem written by American Max Erhmann set to music in 1971. It was pretty popular at the time despite having been originally written in 1927. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a spoken word record set to music, Leonard Nimoy also recorded it. Any modern nerd will be familiar with the kind of "music" Leonard Nimoy and his Star Trek costar William Shatner recorded in their careers. The new EP, Syrup, by Chantal Monte is in this tradition. It is a spoken word record with "New Age" music background. Unlike Desiderata, Syrup, isn't even a non-rhyming poem but rather a verbal meditation designed to relax (and perhaps stimulate some erotic nether regions if you're as shallow as some people I could mention).
I actually recorded a very similar spoken word record myself. In my version I was posing as a hypo-therapist leading the listener in what was intended to be an age regression into a past life experience. As I slowly and methodically instructed the listener to relax, one body part at a time, in order to enter into the deep hypnotic state necessary for the past life regression, I only succeeded in falling asleep myself and the record ended with my rather loud and obnoxious snoring.

Chantal's song/prose-poem/guided meditation is not played for laughs but is completely sincere and like one of the New Age Guided Meditation recordings that have been around since at least the Eighties. The background music which coordinates very well with her speaking voice, augmenting and illustrating her words rather than clashing with them, are the work of  Portuguese producer Nuno Meneses. The music is pretty standard instrumental synth "New Age" with some various sound effects here and there but this CD is not being touted as a "New Age" record but as what I might call "Audio Erotica". 

Here's what her press kit says about her: 

Chantal Monté was exposed to the powerful combination of sex and music at a young age, growing up in San Francisco in the 1970’s at the height of psychedelic decadence. “The SF lifestyle fostered a wild creative expression in me. I explored the arts, sexuality, and meditation as catalysts for altered states of consciousness.” Monté reflects.

The 60’s and 70’s liberation of the mind and body was just a starting point for the once painfully shy flowerchild as she moved deeper into meditation and yoga, eventually bringing a spiritual context to sexuality through her poetry and music. She began to collaborate with Portugal producer Nuno Meneses on a series of recordings that became her debut EP Syrup - an aphrodisiac of mellow electronica and sacred erotica. Meneses crafted the expansive soundscapes in his studio while Monté recorded the vocals alone in her bed; the intimate and seductive spoken word poems falling somewhere between Patti Smith and Anais Nin.
What is so radical about the EP’s subject matter is not Chantal’s fascination with the most powerful force on the planet – sex, but rather the shattering of preconceived ideas of what authentic sexuality is. With Syrup (due out 6-23-17), Chantal seeks to bring the listener into her sensual world, leaving them a key to unlock the sacredness of their own erotic nature.

I normally don't like to quote directly from an artist's press kit bio but I can't make this kind of stuff up. 

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