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BIG THANKS to #KLOS and #HeidiandFrank

BIG THANKS to #KLOS and #HeidiandFrank for partying with us prior to 4/20 on the radio . . . Greg Piper and The Tooners! Love Ya!

Rock N Roller Greg Piper and The Tooners - I'm High on KLOS morning show TODAY

I had a blast today with Heidi, Frank and Eric! Go vote YAY or NAY on my music. 420 PARTY WEEKEND, FOLKS!

Artists and Musicians Team to Draw Attention to 4/20's Spiritual Side | Apr 16, 2014

Press Release issued Apr 16, 2014: Former Disney animator Neal Warner and the musical director of the John Lennon themed show "Just Imagine" Greg Piper have released a special music video to celebrate next Sunday's "high holiday". "I'm High" by their band The Tooners has been released as a single to radio and its psychedelic animated lyrics video is going viral on the Internet.

The Tooners' I'm High On KLOS 95.5 FM

The Tooners are going to be on the Stay Or Go segment of the Heidi and Frank Show on KLOS this Friday morning to let the good people of Los Angeles decide if we should continue as a band or throw our instruments in the ocean (we'd pawn them before we'd throw them into the sea). It's going to be brutal because we're using our new single "I'm High" as the example of our music since this weekend is the Easter Sunday 4/20 high holiday but at least we've already founded Rock & Roll Rehab in case it's decided that we should call it quits once and for all.

Listen this Friday morning to KLOS, 95.5 FM in Los Angeles and depending on what the outcome is, email us for great deals on used equipment.

“I’M High” by The Tooners The Official Song of Four Twenty

The "High Holiday" of 2014.

We all love music and we use particular songs as part of our holiday celebrations. Christmas Carols at Christmas, John Phillip Sousa marches on the Forth of July, Alice Cooper tunes on Halloween, well, you get the idea.

Los Angeles rock band, The Tooners, performed a live multimedia stage show held at the Hayworth Theater on Wilshire Blvd. called Rock & Roll Rehab. It was about sex, drugs and rock and roll. One song written for the “drugs” part of the show was a catchy little number titled “I’m High”.  Now it just so happens that this year, 2014, Easter Sunday falls on April 20th. April 20th or 4/20 has for the last few years been declared the (unofficial) Official Holiday of the Cannabis Culture. In other words, it’s a day to celebrate the wonderful world of Marijuana. If you haven’t heard of that before check out the Wikipedia entry:

We at Unsigned Records Multimedia (the producers of the Rock & Roll Rehab Show) are going to introduce the song, “I’m High”, this Easter Sunday, the 20th of April as the Official Song of Four Twenty. Not only is this year unique in that April 20th is also Easter Sunday but 2014 is also the first year in history that marijuana is legal in the United States, in at least two of them (you know who you are).
 Greg Piper & The Tooners' Rock & Roll Rehab Show at the Hayworth Theater. 
We will be promoting the single, “I’m High” to AAA (Adult Album Alternative), College, Rock and Alternative radio stations in the U.S. and Canada British Columbia (Vancouver is referred to as “Amsterdam West”).

The "I'm High" Youtube video.

Click here to get it FREE before 4/20

. . . or skip the sign up and buy it immediately by clicking here!

For those who believe in helping to make April 20th into an actual holiday (like Saint Patrick’s Day or Cinco De Mayo at least), we are offering an “I’m High On Four Twenty” custom T-shirt  available for sale online:

Please call your local rock and roll radio station on Easter Sunday, April 20th, request “I’m High” by The Tooners and let them know the MP3 or WAV file is available for download at

Ras Xix From Singapore To Texas

Although it sounds like a name of a villain in "The Dark Knight Returns" Ras Xix is apparently the name of a young guitarist from Singapore who recently moved to Austin, Texas to promote his debut album titled Ras Xix. But ignore all that because his music doesn’t sound as if it’s from Singapore or Texas. I suppose having once been part of the British Empire people from Singapore speak and sing in English because there is no trace of an accent here, except maybe an American one. Overall, Ras Xix vocally sounds like a really mellowed out Chris Cornell of Grunge band Soundgarden. That’s not to say he lacks passion, power or intensity as he is a hell of a singer but his voice has a similar tone and inflection. Although the music has a lot of metal guitar power (Over) it also has some bossanova (Nora 5) and very capable flamenco guitar (Las Arenas de Cartagena).
 Don't let the nice Flamenco fool you, this guy rocks!
There are, besides the Grunge and Metal flavors, World Music, Prog and touches of Electronica in Ras Xix but it all melds seamlessly into the whole giving the impression of the many moods of one artist rather than the disjointed attempt to be something to everybody which is always a big mistake. The softer but no less passionate songs work as a sonic sorbet between courses of fare much spicier. In fact, softer isn’t the right word for the more acoustic songs, prettier is more accurate although even the heavy tunes still have definite and original melodies that could easily also have been performed as ballads.
                                  The Album cover art
                         As if his name isn't hard enough to pronounce, the CD cover makes it even harder.
Ras Xix is listed in the album credits as multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer so I don’t know if there is an actual band here or another Paul McCartney/ Emitt Rhodes/ Prince DIY type of guy. He is very good at everything he does if that is him playing everything on the CD and I suppose he went to Austin hoping to get a band behind him. His solo playing would make for a killer show but his hard rock side is fifty percent of his trip and shouldn’t be cast aside because of a lack of sidemen. I’m probably wrong thinking he doesn’t have his pick of talented back up musicians since he is a rare talent that other musicians would most certainly spot instantly.
 For those music fans that get bored with an a CD of songs that all have the same attitude (ACDC) but get frustrated by musicians who just can't seem to commit to any one style of music Ras Xix will be a pleasant discovery. Remember you heard it here first.

The Bad Boys Club

In a previous post I mentioned how animated films, in fact, a lot of movies animated or otherwise have a strong, even violent female lead while the men are reduced to negative male stereotypes. Some might say that the male characters are “bad boys” because that’s the type that appeal to women. From where did that cliche come?

In most stereotypes there are aspects that are based on truth and it is true that bad boys make appealing movie characters. For one thing they take the kind of risks that leads to more exciting stories but there is more than that. Here is the basics of that whole “bad boy” thing; Bad Boys, also known as Jerks or referred to as A-holes, Punks and/or Losers appeal to some women because they are perceived as having (most of the time mistakenly) the one quality some women find literally irresistible, namely, confidence. That is the one thing that people who lack it crave the most. The problem is that A-holes and jerks sometimes get mistaken for having confidence because they do the sort of things that really take some balls. Actually, they don’t, they’re just stupid, ignorant, stoned, drunk or terminally obnoxious but their lack of sensitivity, sense of consequence, guilt, pride and/or morality is seen as simply not giving a crap what anybody thinks of them and that is sometimes misconstrued as having confidence. This is why beer is universally acclaimed as being a great pick up aid. “Liquid Confidence” is another term for alcohol and we all know that booze doesn’t really give anyone confidence, it just destroys your fear, doubt, common sense and reason.
"Wow, I can't believe you did that last night!" a girl might say to a guy who completely ruined himself the night before in a drunken exhibition of loss of control. And she's saying that as if totally impressed. Totally! If he acts cool, like he knows what she's talking about because he actually remembered what he did, he's got it made with her. It's only if he has any regret, remorse or is at all appologetic or embarrassed that he becomes the A-hole in her eyes.The best thing a guy can say to a girl is not "I love you" and not, "I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me?" and certainly not "I'll never act like that again, I promise." No, the absolute best thing a guy can ever say, EVER, is; "I meant to do that."

A-Hole 101.

The Princess Problem

In 2009 Walt Disney Studios released The Princess and the Frog, its last traditionally drawn 2D animated feature. It made some money but wasn’t as cost effect as computer animation had become so they declared that would be their final 2D production.

Another aspect to what Disney felt was a problem with The Princess and the Frog was that “little boys” wouldn’t go see a movie about a princess (a girl). Why did they think that? Was it because without a fair damsel in distress there was no real incentive for a boy to become a hero and risk his life so there was no clear role model in these films for boys? 

Women complain that in the films of the past the women were all helpless victims waiting to be rescued by a man (they’re right about that), but the women being in peril was what motivated and drove the entire story. Take out the need for a male hero by making the female lead a take charge heroine and why do you need the male character?

In this “Princess Warrior” (King Arthur, Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, Alien, Star Wars) genre the male is reduced to the usually immature, love-sick, or stubbornly macho sidekick or worse yet, comic relief. He usually grows up during the course of the film to redeem himself in the end, maybe even helping to save the Princess (who certainly didn’t need a MAN to help her!). Maybe this is why boys don’t want to see movies with “Princesses”. If a film is about a girl then it’s pretty certain the boy / man / love interest is probably going to be an embarrassment to males of all ages. Why support a whole genre of films that use you as the buffoon? These days you can’t make fun (or the villain out) of any particular racial / social / national / religious / political / etc. group and you certainly can’t ridicule women. So that leaves males. Thanks a lot.

Prague's Latimer House

I just listened to the new single from the four man band Latimer House that claims to be based in Prague.

”Interesting,” I thought, “Prague Rock.” I always like rock and roll with a local flavor, especially an exotic flavor, and Prague, the largest and capitol city of the Czech Republic has the cool Medieval  history and more modern arts scene to make any music coming from there intriguing indeed. Unfortunately Latimer House sounds as Eastern European as Golden Earring sounds Dutch. Having the instrumentalists playing American style rock that sounds as if it could have been from Boston (Boston, J. Giels Band, Aerosmith) and an American singer singing in English does not make Golden Earring a Dutch band. Likewise, the only thing that Prague can boost about with Latimer House is maybe hosting their live shows as the band, fronted by guitarist (and presumably their lead singer) Joe Cook from London, England, sounds as Czechoslovakian as Golden Earring sounds Dutch.

See how cool and psychedelic Prague can be? Imagine how this would sound?

At least on Latimer House’s new single, This Is Pop / Shake! their sound is strictly English, Cockney vocals and all. And not just English but “Rock of the Eighties” New Wave with the sort of bored, “too cool for school” monotone sung/talked vocals of The Petshop Boys or Soft Cell. 

 Kind of a New Wave Pop Art looking cover too.
The other members of the band are Anar Yuufov on keyboards and backing vocals who is from Baku, wherever that is, Jiri Kominek from Toronto on drums and another American from the great state of Virginia, Michael Jetton, on bass. So why are Latimer House from Prague? Is it because they recorded their debut ten song CD called "All The Rage", released on their own label, Honk Records, at Prague's Faust Studios with engineer Derek Saxenmeyer?   

They claim that “All The Rage” would not be what it is without the mandolin and violin of Jim Thompson, who came over from England so it must be the guitar work of Justin Lavash of Prague's blues and jazz bars, the trumpet playing of Tommy Levvechia, and Jan Keller who also plays fretless bass in a modern jazz quartet when not playing with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra that gives Latimer House their Prague cred.

With bands like fun! and Foster The People it sounds to me like there is currently a revival of the New Wave sound of the Eighties so maybe Latimer House is right in style rather than thirty years too late. They’re certainly too late for me but for those who weren’t there the first time around whatever sound is the NOW sound is the only sound that counts. I am disappointed as what my mad little mind was conjuring up as the possible sound of modern “Prague Rock” seemed a whole lot more interesting than a rehash of Human League’s sound but for every old fart disappointed by today's music there are a thousand kids claiming it as their own. Make up your own mind at: