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The Live Rock & Roll Rehab Show Tour

The Rock & Roll Rehab Show is a live multimedia rock music show that is the story one man's life wasted chasing the Rock & Roll dream through the Classic Rock Era illustrated with big screen fully animated music videos.

Hosted by Greg Piper of The Tooners who narrates his journey from The British Invasion through the New Wave Era while performing all original music created in and inspired by the times of his life.

"real underground rock and roll theater"
"sex, drugs, rock & roll and cartoons"
"beyond 420 friendly, it's 420 incestuous..."
"... too loud..."

Greg Piper's "I Wish You'd Love Me" Syncs Up Perfectly To The Wizard Of Oz

"I didn't believe it when I first saw it!"... Greg Piper


(Syncs up to 'The Wizard Of Oz')


Welcome to Rock & Roll Rehab's area dedicated to ANIMATED ROCK AND ROLL.
Some of the music videos presented here were created by The Tooners, others are ones The Tooners just really like.

Written and directed by Neal Warner
Song by Greg Piper
Recorded by The Tooners
Available on The Tooners' ROCKTASIA CD on iTunes


Written and designed by Corey Harris
Produced and directed by Neal Warner
Song by Corey Harris
Recorded by Womanizer on PaperCuts Records


Written and Directed by Neal Warner
Music by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson and Greg Piper 


GORILLAZ - Private Jet
Gorillaz is an interesting concept in that the cartoon band is not based on any real people. Are they called Gorillaz because a previous made up band was called The Monkees?

PINK FLOYD - Goodbye Blue Sky
Here is one of the animated sequences from Floyd's movie The Wall. Written by band member Roger Waters with animation based on the design of caricaturist and political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.

Ravel's Bolero from Allegro Non Troppo
This piece from the Italian feature film Allegro Non Troppo is a take off of Disney's Fantasia. Specifically, The Rite Of Spring sequence.

The Rite Of Spring - Fantasia
Here's one of Rocktasia's original influences from Disney's masterpiece Fantasia. Stravinsky's original music caused a sensation when it was originally premiered yet it ended up as a cartoon.

The Firebird Suite - Fantasia 2000
The long awaited sequel to 1940's Fantasia ended with this ecologically minded finale. Once again Igor Stravinsky's music was used as the inspiration.

Send Love Through - Rock And Rule
This 1983 animated film had music from Debbie Harry of Blondie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop who also did character voices.

We would also love to add clips from The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, AHA's Take On Me, Prince's Rasberry Beret and some others but we're not allowed. You might be able to find them on Youtube.

Here Are Some Illustrated Classic Rock Lyrics As Original Paintings:

Posters available here
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Posters available here 
Framed fine art prints here

The Byrds' 5D (Fifth Dimension)
Posters available here
Framed fine art prints here 


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The Return Of Pizza Fella

The first Pizza Fella comic was published in the premiere issue of L.A. Comics in 1971 and continued as a regular feature in the tabloid comics newspapers Two Bit Comics and Okay Comics until 1974 making it part of the Golden Age of Underground Comix (1967 - 1974).

Pizza Fella was a teenage delivery boy for a pizzeria in Los Angeles and his job allowed him to have adventures and meet new people in the marijuana counter culture of the early 1970s.
An original Pizza Fella comic from the Golden Age Of Underground Comix (circa 1972)

Now he’s back to experience a new drug culture in the age of legalized cannabis and medical marijuana. He’s a bit older as medical marijuana is still illegal to minors and no longer breaking the law but he’s as big a pothead as ever.

Touches of the underground comix style of the original comic of the Seventies has been retained but gone are the foul language and seedier elements of the drug culture as now the people he meets that use marijuana could just as easily be older cancer patients or suburban housewives than hippies or urban drug dealers.
Pizza Fella has returned to help chronicle a very interesting time period of changing attitudes and the social experiment that is the new Legalized Cannabis movement.

Created by cartoonist/animator Neal Warner while still in high school in the San Fernando Valley, Pizza Fella’s popularity at the time led directly to a job with legendary animation producer Ralph Bakshi whose first animated feature was Fritz The Cat, based on the underground comic book by Robert Crumb. This led to a lengthy career in the Animation Industry which included The Heavy Metal Movie, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Rugrats, Ducktails and many other television series and animated feature films.
It’s not the growing legalized marijuana movement that inspired the return of Pizza Fella but the boom in both online and print media that the movement has created. The Alternative Press as well as what some may perceive as the return of the “Underground Press” has created an opportunity for a new breed of comic character, or in the case of Pizza Fella, the updating of a classic.

The new Pizza Fella comics are created as full color, three-quarter tabloid page size intended for weekly publications as daily papers such as The L.A. Times are probably not going to be publishing marijuana themed comic strips any time soon.

The new Pizza Fella 2016 Calendar can be purchased online at: 2016 Pizza Fella Calendar

For information on publishing Pizza Fella comics contact: