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There Is Still Time For No Time To Die

 It has been about a year since the name for the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, was announced. The movie was scheduled to premiere in April so that didn't give us, The Tooners, much time to write and record our own theme song to the movie and be able to include it on our latest CD, Theme To A Dream. There are several "theme songs" written over the years for various reasons that are included on that album so a James Bond movie theme seemed to fit right in.

And then the movie's premiere was pushed back one whole year. That means that although Billie Eilish has already written the official opening theme song there is still plenty of room over the movie's ending credits to include The Tooners' song.

So, we are now asking all of you out there, like us, with nothing better to do because we're all shut-ins now, to help us start a "grass roots" campaign to get the producers of the James Bond movies to include The Tooners' No Time To Die in the new movie since there's still time. Russia, if you hear us, please help us get our song noticed by the Powers That Be. Спасибо (Thank you).

The Tooners' No Time To Die video.

The TOONERS' James Bond Theme Song

The L. A. rock band The Tooners have released a new single that is their original take on a theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. No Time To Die is the 25th James Bond movie and will hit theaters this coming April. However, The Tooners’ song No Time To Die will probably not be heard in the film.

The Tooners' No Time To Die lyric video.

Although the band members and the song’s co-writers Neal Warner and Greg Piper are life-long Bond fans, their Bond theme is actually more inspired by shock rock group Alice Cooper. Also fans of the movie franchise, the original lineup of the band Alice Cooper wrote and recorded the song The Man With The Golden Gun as a proposed theme song for the film of the same name starring Roger Moore as secret agent 007. The producers of the Bond films felt using pop acts such as Paul McCartney, Carly Simon and Lulu (who sang the actual theme song for The Man With The Golden Gun) for the movie theme songs was appropriate but a hard rock band such as Alice Cooper didn’t fit the James Bond image and the song was rejected. The band went ahead and released it on their 1973 album Muscle Of Love anyway.

This inspired the independent band The Tooners to record their own Bond theme inspired by Alice Cooper’s initiative and even the Salvador Dali inspired look of their song’s logo has an Alice Cooper connection as Alice Cooper, the man as opposed to the band, is the only rock musician known to have ever collaborated with the surrealist painter.

No Time To Die is also included on The Tooners' full length CD, Theme To A Dream, available everywhere starting April 1, 2020.

The Live Rock & Roll Rehab Show Tour

The Rock & Roll Rehab Show is a live multimedia rock music show that is the story one man's life wasted chasing the Rock & Roll dream through the Classic Rock Era illustrated with big screen fully animated music videos.

Hosted by Greg Piper of The Tooners who narrates his journey from The British Invasion through the New Wave Era while performing all original music created in and inspired by the times of his life.


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