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Everything Is Going To Be Okay

    You might end up hating me for drawing this to your attention since once you start to notice this it might start bugging you as much as it’s getting to me. What is it that is irking me you ask? Well, I hate to complain and normally I wouldn’t mention something as trivial as this, but since you asked... It has become apparent to me that in almost every movie I see these days somewhere in the film a character says to another character, “It’s going to be all right”, or some variation thereof. No, I’m not exaggerating. Just notice it the next time you see it in a movie and then you’ll hear it all the time! Why is this? It’s a meaningless saying as no one really knows if “it’s going to be okay”. What’s going to be “okay”? Is the character saying it being psychic or just trying to spoil the end of the film?
    Is there a line in the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) contract that stipulates that if a motion picture is produced in the United States or has a running time of over 78 minutes the line; “It’s going to be okay” has to be included? Who owns the right to this line? If I copyright it like “Threepeat” or “Let’s Roll” can I get paid a royalty for all the films that use it?         Or is it to subconsciously ease the young minds of the children in the audience who might be getting stressed out as this line invariable occurs during moments of great cinematic duress. I don’t know but it really annoys me. In fact, I just saw a promo for a new action-adventure television series and the phrase even made it into the thirty second promo. Is it that important that out of all the scenes from an hour drama the scene where a father tells his daughter; “It’s going to be all right” is really that important? Is what going to be all right? Maybe showing us the threat might tempt us to tune in more than giving us a pep talk. Are television writers getting paid by the word these days so that filler lines like this actually have a purpose? This really gets on my nerves. Although, it doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as my calling attention to it whenever we watch a movie or TV show seems to annoy my wife.

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