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Fame Part 1

    The purpose of this blog is to record the experiences of the average rock and roll fan while the first generation rock fans, the folks who were actually there and lived through the Rock & Roll era, are still around. The era to which I am referring is from1955 to the present, although I personally believe the Rock era ended around 1975 and everything since has been a rehash or what is now called “retro”.
    I was watching an interview with an historian who said that if you, Joe Citizen, want to become famous then keep a journal. Don’t write about world affairs as there are plenty of newspapers and official records that will preserve that kind of information but rather record your day to day life. Tell what a loaf of bread cost or what the weather was like in the summer of 2012. Record your beliefs and opinions and customs and habits then leave your journal to the local historical society in your will. In the future when a historian is researching a book on the time period and place where you lived he or she will go to local historical societies and use journals like yours to document what life was like when you were alive. You should be quoted and there are many people who are relatively well known today only because their autobiographies were incorporated into history texts. Of course, you’ll only become famous after you’re dead.

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  1. I wish I had written down everything that happened in my life. Or recorded an audio of my many a wild gatherings. WOW! Would that be something . . . at least to me. Funny Funny stuff.

    I can't remember much, though (I was born in the 50's). Certainly not details. And, yet again, if I had taken the time to write all this down, I would not have had to the time to do my responsibilities . . . . or worse than that, it probably would be used against me for something.

    That's the problem with the internet and Facebook, etc. Everybody is writing everything . . and it's there forever and for everybody. Like a tattoo of your first girlfriend or first wife name on our private part. NOW WHAT?

    Maybe it doesn't matter.
    I am You and You are Me and We are all together.
    (until I look around)