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Fame Part 5

     Rock & Roll is strange because it’s one of the few businesses where perspective “employees” start their careers with a laundry list of all the things they won’t do. Selling out is always high on the list and usually means they won’t do anything at all out of the ordinary from which they usually do, in other words, work too hard. These people want success only on their terms and usually that means in spite of themselves. Other people love to swing for the fences whenever they get a chance to step up to bat.
    In the New Wave days my band, Womanizer, played gigs occasionally with The Tooners’ future singer / bassist Greg Piper’s band, The Pipers. At one gig we decorated the stage to look like a single’s bar with table clothes draped over the amplifiers with potted ferns and our kick drum lighted up like a stain glass window. We were called Womanizer so the fern bar set was appropriate. We went on first and had a great show that The Pipers were going to have a hard time to top. While we were playing a flower girl circulated through the club trying to get guys to by a rose for their dates. The Pipers featured Greg’s two sisters at the time and had they not been in the band I’m sure the guys in the band never would have thought of it but the girls bought out all the flower girl’s inventory. When The Pipers took the stage following us their entire stage was covered with flowers. Touché.


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