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The Cure

     In Keith Richards' autobiography, Life, he says that he’s never missed a Stones show even though he’s had some days when he felt real sick and didn’t think he’d make it through but discovered that if he did he felt fine when the show was over. I noticed this myself over the years. There were times when I had a terrible head cold or felt flueish but our band had booked a rehearsal hall and if we canceled at the last minute we’d be charged anyway and I couldn’t stiff the other guys. No matter how terrible I felt when we started, and sometimes I could barely stand up and was sweating like a pig before the first tune, by the time we finished a couple of hours later, instead of being just destroyed and wanting to immediately return to bed, I felt completely healed. This happened so consistently that now if I’m ill and have a rehearsal booked I look forward to it as a cure. Are we missing a clue here?
    In her book Seth Speaks (1972) Jane Roberts quotes her “spirit guide” Seth talking about ancient, lost advanced civilizations saying; “Sound was utilized far more effectively, not only for healing and in wars, but also to power vehicles of locomotion and to bring about the movement of physical matter.” Seth, along with other writings of the mystics and Quantum Physics, describes our physical universe as vibrations. If we are vibrations then perhaps sound, which is also vibrations, can somehow readjust our vibrations “curing” us of our physical illnesses which, at their most basic, are vibrations “out of tune”. Maybe the microscopic biological organisms that invade our bodies causing illness can’t stand the vibrations caused by loud music and die. Any other loud sound, as loud as a live rock and roll band, that we subject our bodies to for as long as we listen to a concert would probably be considered intolerable. Our armed forces have been known to use loud rock & roll (ACDC in particular) as a weapon against non-rock loving troops. Our guys love it while someone like Panamanian President Daniel Noriega, holed up in his presidential palace under siege by our troops, are tortured by it.

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