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Visual Music Part 3

     Ahhh, yes.... The art of keeping a band together.  In this day and age of such diverse musical styles (play the part this way), egos (he or she's getting all the attention, or how come we're not performing any of my tunes?), club gigs (if I book you, how many people can you bring so you can play a whopping 30 minutes), false promises (I can get you a record deal if you sign here and pay me $$$), day jobs ( I can't play that non-paying, one week, out of state promotional tour because I have to sell computers), flakiness (Our bassist forgot to show up), music experts (the drum snare isn't right or there's no repeating hook), laziness (maybe tomorrow), complaining (usually done by the band member doing the least for the cause),  personalities (he may be a great guitarist, but what an asshole), money (who's gonna pay for the rehearsal, promotion, CD, mailing list, web site, merchandise, phone calls, etc., etc., etc.), it's hard to keep a band together 6 months.    
     To keep a band together and MAKE IT is easier with a combination of 2 ingredients . . . LOVE AND MONEY.  You gotta LOVE your music and love your bandmates . . . otherwise you're just another 6 month band.  And you and your bandmates have to love your band which may not be as easy for the members who aren’t the front man, the hot soloist or the main songwriter. As a band you are a team and what do other teams do to develop team spirit? For one thing they have uniforms which gives them a sense of belonging. Although you may not feel comfortable dressing in revolutionary war uniforms ala Paul Revere and the Raiders, you still want to appear as a cohesive unit by showing you have the same taste and style in clothes as you do music. Compatible hair styles also show band unity as well as being an indicator of your musical genre and although both hair and fashion add considerably to a band’s visual style, what about when your potential fans can’t see you? 

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