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A Happy Rock And Roll Birthday Greeting To Greg Warner

Today is The Tooners' Rock & Roll Rehab Show's lighting director, Greg Warner's, 21st birthday. An excellent musician in his own right and a Dean's List level college student he is also a valued member of the Rock & Roll Rehab Show crew.

Greg has an excellent sense of humor with impeccable comic timing undoubtedly inherited from his father and a patient, kind and empathetic nature perhaps inherited from his mother. It's hard to say. A multi-instrumentalist he plays guitar, banjo and mandolin and luckily has not inherited his father's or his mother's singing voice.

Those attending the February  4, performance of Rock & Roll Rehab at 8:00, upstairs at the Hayworth Theater, 2511 Wilshire Blvd., make sure to stop by the lighting booth and wish Greg a happy belated twenty-first birthday.

While we're on the topic of age, please be aware that the Rock & Roll Rehab Show, although technically all ages, is the story of sex, drugs and rock and roll and can get loud and perhaps inappropriate for those with delicate dispositions or ear drums. Ear plugs will be available for those wishing to protect their hearing but they will not protect you from sex and drug references. Also, the show is upstairs in the Studio Theater and is not handicap accessible with no elevator.

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