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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Tomorrow, March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day, the day the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick getting all the snakes out of Ireland. Is there a comparable legend for the lack of snakes in Hawaii? Maybe Saint Ho Day to celebrate singer Don Ho's driving all the tourists away. Here in America the band Flogging Molly is the Irish National Band the way Don Ho was the Hawaii State Singer.

The Beach Boys are, of course, the Southern California State band (Northern California has its own bands and technically isn't its own state anyway). Lynyrd Skynyrd is often considered the Alabama State band although I don't believe they are from Alabama but rather from Florida. Sweet Home Alabama is no more their home than Margaritaville is Jimmy Buffett's home town.

Flogging Molly is an 'Irish Folk - Punk' band so they are the clear favorites in anything Irish oriented. Scorsese used their music in his Boston / Irish gangster film, The Departed, so their street cred is solid. I suppose they are Irish like Bob Marley is Jamaican rather than the way U2 are Irish. U2 just happens to be a band of musicians from Ireland but they don't sound particularly Irish. But here's the real kicker; Flogging Molly was founded in Los Angeles in 1997. Oh well, I guess we're all a wee bit Irish on Saint Patty's Day. Drink responsibly and no, I'm NOT your father, jerk.

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