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Dick Clark (November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012)

This Rock & Roll Rehab blog seems to be turning into the Dead Rocker Obituary Blog. At 82 years old and after suffering a major stroke years ago, the passing today of TV / rock & roll legend Dick Clark is hardly a surprise but it's sad none the less.

As a huge fan of the original British Invasion I was a loyal viewer of Clark's American Bandstand in the mid-sixties which was one of the premier showcases for the new music. My favorite American band of the time, Paul Revere and the Raiders, co-hosted another one of Dick Clark's shows, Where The Action Is.

A neighbor of mine who owned a large video sound stage facility which Dick Clark Productions used to video tape their various award shows invited me to his birthday party held at the studio. At the party a cameraman walked around interviewing the guests who gave their birthday wishes to the birthday boy with the video projected live onto a huge screen. I suppose it was because of the live video projected interviews that I thought of Dick Clark's New Year's Eve interviews in Time Square so when the cameraman stuck the camera in my face I said, "Here we are in Time Square waiting for the ball to drop. Oh, there it goes..." Then I looked down at my crotch and said, "And there goes the other ball..." Then as I handed back the microphone to the cameraman and looked back at the screen I saw Dick Clark standing right behind me watching me on the screen. I had no idea he'd be at my neighbor's birthday party and I wasn't making fun of him but my wife thought I did it on purpose.

Dick Clark is one more of the original rockers to leave us and as the spokesman for New Year's Eve his presence will be missed this December 31. Fortunately, the world is scheduled to end on December 21 so no one will be around to miss him this New Year's Eve. See you soon, Dick.

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