googled06bb313055e587a.html Rock N Roll Rehab for the Control Of Rock and Roll Starring Greg Piper and The Tooners: The Garage Band Handbook - Chapter Six: Promotion Part One

The Garage Band Handbook - Chapter Six: Promotion Part One

Go ahead and send your tape or video out to local radio stations especially if you’ve an upcoming gig to promote but except for some “Local Licks” shows that showcase local talent, radio is extremely hard to get into these days. Easier will be some of the cable access shows that highlight local bands, although many of these require the bands play live, so don’t do it if you’re not ready. In fact, the fastest way to break up a band and throw out months of hard work is to take a gig before you’re ready. Don’t rehearse three times and then have the drummer book you to play his cousin’s wedding. This is where having a band leader comes in very handy. No matter how equal everyone is musically, there needs to be one person established as the band leader. This need not be the most talented member but the member with the most common sense and maturity. There should be one person in charge of calling and organizing the rehearsals and one person with veto power over any band decision. Of course if any single member feels absolutely that he or she is not ready to gig then the other members should respect that decision as a band is only as strong as it’s weakest link. But many times the excitement and anticipation gets to be too much and hasty decisions are made that will lead to embarrassing moments that can haunt you the rest of your life. You don’t want to ruin anybody’s cousin’s wedding.

    A battle of the bands is not a good choice for a first gig either. A neighborhood party is a good choice. Even starting by inviting friends to your rehearsals is a good idea. This is only after you’re ready to start playing in front of a crowd and by no means ever let a band member bring a date to a rehearsal. That should be strictly forbidden, that’s what gigs are for.

    Your tape, or if you ever record your own CD, should really only be considered promotion for your live shows. You’ll end up giving away so many you’ll never get your money back but each one you give out marks you as a serious contender. A record company that listens to a CD they get in the mail, if they even bother to listen to it at all, will only hear the mistakes and what they would do different. It’s your image and personal style that’s going to get them excited. A video is a much better marketing tool. After all, making records is what they do and they’ll never admit that you did something as well on your own as they can do with their vast resources.

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