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Greg Piper - Rock N Roll ADDICT - HOTELS

Hi, I'm Greg and I'm a Rockaholic! I've traveled the world for the past 25 years playing rock and roll.  At first it was all very exciting.  Pack your bags, shuttle to the airport, fly 35,000 feet over the planet, land and get to the hotel for the night's stay.  Sounds sexy, right?  Well, it is . . .  and it isn't.  Your fantasy-come-true rock n roll world is mixed with the world of reality, which is business.  And your hotel stay is BIG BUSINESS.  

So, you check in and what is the first thing the hotel asks you for?  Your credit card!  Even if the room is pre-paid by the concert promoter, hotels say they need your credit card for incidentals.  What are incidentals, you ask?  Using their telephone, viewing pay-per-view movies, room service and if they have a bar in your room or candies, etc, that.  

So, what do I advise?  DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD!  USE CASH INSTEAD!   If they have your credit card, thy will often double charge you!  It's true!  Many hotels have a general policy to "mistakenly charge for services you did not use!"  If you catch them when you check out, you're usually OK and they will reverse the mistaken charge, but often times you have to hurry out and you just leave the hotel in the morning without checking out. MISTAKE!  

I always tell the hotels I do not have a credit card.  What are they going to do, make me sleep on the street?  No!  I always offer a small CASH DEPOSIT as a last resort.  I also tell them to lock the refrigerator and turn off the phone and PAY TV.   Then I ask them if they charge to use the toilet.  I'm serious.  If they get me mad enough, I'll request a plunger shortly after I check into my room.  Sometimes I even wait a bit before I call.

Hotels are BIG BUSINESS and their main concern is their bottom line.  Notice how much the food costs at their restaurants and room service.  They know you have very few choices and are away from home in an unfamiliar place.  Have you seen hotel room service charges while the deliverer of the service has his hand out . . . 

And don't forget to tip the luggage guy.  They tend to swarm toward you as soon as you arrive.  I carry my own stuff.  

So, if you don't want to come home BROKE from your travels, keep a close eye out for the hotels.  They know where your wallet is.  After all, most of us Rock N Rollers don't get paid the big bucks . . . but , not to complain, playing rock n roll does have it's benefits, right? 

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