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My Mentoring Experience

One day many years ago when my first son was a baby I was taking him for a walk around the neighborhood in his stroller. As we strolled I heard the sound of a garage band nearby and walked over to see the band. They were fifteen year olds rehearsing in a garage and I introduced myself as a lifelong musician and publisher of PaperCuts, The Illustrated Lyrics Magazine, being published at the time, and I offered my guidance.

The talented guitar player relished the opportunity to get some experienced advice and I came to their next rehearsal, sans the baby carriage. The band was set up in a semicircle with the amps all pointing at each other and they all faced the drummer.
    “First of all,” I said, “put your amps in a line facing your audience and you guys all face forward.”
    “This is how we like it, man,” the lead singer snapped back.
    “But when you’re playing a real gig at a club they’re going to want you to set up your gear so the audience can hear and see you. You wouldn’t want to pay money to see a bad that has their backs to you.”
    “This is how we do it, man,” he reiterated.
    “Okay,” I said then I turned around and left.

When opportunity knocks it is unwise to tell it to get the hell off your front porch.

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