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Rocktasia Lives In San Diego

Last week I visited the city where I attended college, San Diego. I love San Diego, it’s the only place I would say that about. Everywhere else I like because of the attractions located there or because of the people I know living there but I love San Diego simply for being what it is. Being there made me think of how my life would have turned out differently if I had stayed.

One thing I like about San Diego is it has a very Sixties Rock and Roll vibe to me. Ocean Beach has The Black, one of the biggest and oldest head shops in the country and beach communities in general have a bit of a bohemian (hippie) vibe to them. Radio station KGB started about a year before I started school at San Diego State and now is a Classic Rock station along the lines of KLOS in L.A. San Francisco has turned its history of the Summer of Love, Haight-Ashbury and the Hippies into a tourist attraction along with its earthquake but San Diego’s rock heart is still alive, not celebrated as a bygone era.

An example of this is when I visited the Ruben H. Fleet Space Theater, an IMAX theater with a geodesic dome screen that surrounds the viewer. I always try to take in a show there when I’m in San Diego and this time they ran a promo for a new show starting in May on Saturday nights called Rock The Dome. It is a computer animated film that uses Classic rock hits for its soundtrack. Songs from bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, ACDC and Led Zeppelin are illustrated using computer graphics. They ran another promo after the main show which was about the Arctic that was Credence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising set to 3D graphics. This is essentially my concept of Rocktasia although the graphics were mainly abstract images and more along the lines of a light show than anything that truly illustrated the lyrics, but it comes the closest to anything I’ve yet to see. The fact that it is an IMAX show at the Ruben H. Fleet Space Theater which has always been a fantasy of mine makes one more reason why I have such a fond place in my heart for San Diego.

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