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Happy Birthday, Nick!

Today, May 11, is the birthday of The Tooner’s Rock & Roll Rehab Show’s soundman, Nicholas Warner. Outside of Tooner Greg Piper, Nicholas is one of the few natural musicians I’ve known. He started playing drums as a small child which impresses me as I’ve never had that kind of coordination. He then played piano very well and guitar and as a teenager played the Whiskey in Hollywood as the bass player for the band ILH which stood for I Love Hynas. I’m told “hynas” is slang for girls.

He then joined The Second String which featured Matt Thompson, the son of L.A. DJ Mark Thompson of KLOS’ Mark & Brian Show on drums and actor Chuck Norris’ nephew, Tyler Norris, a talented singer and guitarist.

Nicholas is currently attending college and has been invaluable as Rock & Roll Rehab’s live soundman for our shows at the Hayworth Theater and the Universal Bar & Grill. His and his brothers’ assistance with the sound equipment moving and setup has made the show possible.

Although he has put aside his own musical ambitions due to school, other obligations and interests, it is innate in him and hopefully sooner or later will be rediscovered as a source of enjoyment and fulfillment. After all, he isn’t getting any younger. Happy birthday, Nick.

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