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My Old Roommate Junior Hubbard, Victim Of Jason Voorhees

This past week was my high school reunion and my old friend and roommate Ron Sloan flew in from Maui to go to the party. It was a busy week for Ron since his father’s 93rd birthday was Monday and on Sunday he was interviewed for a special DVD on the making of the movie Friday The Thirteenth, Part Five. Ron played what I always thought of as the comic relief, Junior Hubbard, a backwoods hillbilly living with his mother. Although he first appears as a somewhat threatening presence, it’s poor Junior who gets beat up and then has his head cut off.
My "fine art" painting of Ron from Friday The 13th, Part 5

Back when the movie premiered Ron invited me and my girlfriend, now my wife, to join him and his date at the movie premier in Westwood and the after show party. Ron’s a good looking guy who looked like a movie star and his pretty date who he had just recently met just beamed when looking at him. Unfortunately, after his date saw Junior Hubbard on screen she was so repulsed that she couldn’t look at him the same way, or even much at all, for the rest of the night. In fact, during the really scary parts of the film she and another one of Ron’s friend’s wife held onto each other as they screamed, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Check out this clip to see why.

When I met with him for lunch last Sunday he pulled his head used in the movie out of his trunk to show me. The prop guy gave it to him after the movie was shot and he’s kept it in his freezer all these years. He brought it with him for the interview. I wonder what the customs officials thought when he tried to board the plane to go back home?

 Two Ron Sloan heads are better than one.

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  1. No worries . . . customs officials love head!