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Bangs Are Back In Style

The L.A. Neo-psychedelic band from the 80s The Bangles are back with new music. I always liked The Bangles, I thought they were cute and I especially liked them once I learned that their actual name is The Bangs. Their record company changed their name to The Bangles. Although I understand the reasoning, there is nothing wrong with a girl group calling themselves The Bangs. Bangs are a popular hairstyle, especially in the 1960s from where a lot of The Bangles’ musical influences are from. You have to have a dirty mind to construe anything sexual out of that name which is, of course, why I like it a lot better than The Bangles.

My one peeve with The Bangles is that I had worked up a great hard rock arrangement of the Simon & Garfunkle song, A Hazy Shade Of Winter, for my New Wave band Womanizer and then The Bangles released their version. Doing a cover of a Simon & Garfunkle song is one thing but I certainly did not what to get accused of covering a Bangles’ song.

The Bangles aren’t the only girls to rip me off, musically. I had a little riff I used in the chorus of Womanizer’s song Seance that Pat Benetar used in her hit Hell Is For Children. I had it first and had to change it after hearing her use it.  Womanizer also had the old Paul Revere And The Raiders hit Just Like Me in our set and Pat Benetar added that song to her set as well.  Pat’s brother briefly flirted with the idea of managing my friend and future band mate Greg Piper’s band, The Pipers, back then and I’ve always wondered if the Pat Benetar instances were just coincidences or something more. I wonder?

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