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Rock And Roll Weekend In The Park

It’s almost August already and I haven’t gone to any of the free concerts in the park. Ironically, their popularity is keeping people like me away. The crowds are getting too big and the traffic terrible just to get to the neighborhood park.

Years ago I saw Dick Dale, the King of the Surf Guitar at the park. He was great, double picking everything and his message has become one of ecology and Save The Planet  rather than just Surf’s Up. It’s an appropriate evolution as surfers were always well aware of their natural surroundings.

I’ve seen Eric Burdon and the New Animals twice at the park. Burdon’s voice sounded just like the old days but I guess he’s bored singing the same old tunes so he scats everything. I found it extremely annoying, just sing the song.

Now days it seems the bands we’re most likely to get in the park are tribute bands. Some are real good but I’ve never really appreciated cover bands. They’re okay for dancing but I’d much rather hear someone doing something original, even if they’re not as professional, since I appreciate creativity and originality.

I guess gone are the days when any old band could haul down a generator and set up at the local park to play for an hour or two on a Sunday. It used to be how a lot of famous bands got their start. Maybe that’s why there are only semiprofessional tribute bands around now.

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