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How To Shoot A Guaranteed Viral Video Part 2

    In our last entry we discussed the don’ts concerning the production of a successful viral video. Now we’ll go over the things you should do to create a guaranteed million viewed viral video. Such as;

* Promise sex. Don’t actually show anything that will guarantee your clip will never be shown on America’s Funniest Viral Video Show but make the viewer think the clip is building to something sexy enough to keep them viewing to the ultimately disappointing end. The huge let down can be hilarious in itself and once your clip has been seen it has achieved its goal. If done right it may even be passed on as a cruel joke to other perverts as misery loves company and no one likes to think they were the only one fooled.

* Use some imagination. Take a mundane, everyday occurrence that may seem appropriate to have videotaped and imagine the most amazing, unexpected freak ending you can. The setup needs to be something that looks natural, not staged, such as a birthday party, then spring the big surprise. With video effects, costumes and some simple in-camera tricks, any number of improbable scenarios can be acted out to look completely natural and spontaneous. Otherwise you just have to film everything, all the time and pray that lightening strikes. Good luck with that.

* Film cats. Cat lovers are fanatics. There is a parasite that cats carry that gets spread in their stool. If a mouse comes into contact with it and becomes infected the parasite affects the mouse in a very strange way. The mouse will lose its natural fear of cats. This essentially cripples the mouse as it will not even attempt to escape from the cat which will then eat the mouse thus returning the parasite to its own system where the parasite needs to be to complete its life cycle. Isn’t nature wonderful? What happens if humans get infected with this parasite? Perhaps living in an apartment with twenty cats is the human response to the parasite. At any rate, cat lovers are the easiest audience in the world, just show them cats. You can start an only cats all the time Youtube channel and make a million overnight. Why hasn’t anyone done this, if someone hasn’t already done this? It will only make your cat famous and only a real cat lover would want that.

    Follow this helpful, insightful advice and you will be guaranteed to produce a million viewed Internet viral video.

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