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Rock N Roll Jam

Rock N Roll Peanut Butter and Jam!  Rockers love to Jam.  Jamming is the practice of playing a chord or chord progression, repeating it over and over while each musician takes turn soloing.  Most bands or rock musicians like to jam a bit to warm up before actually playing songs.

Many times bands will be playing a song and when the solo starts, they jam for a while and then return to the song.  When we were a club band in the early days and you had to play 5 sets a night, we'd add several minutes to songs by jamming during the solo and ends of songs to add time to the set lists so as not to make the lead singer lose his voice.

If you're a musician looking to join a band, the first thing you may do is 'jam' just to get acquainted with each other.  You can tell a musician's playing style this way.  

There are many bands, like Led Zepplin who make a jam out of practically every song they play live!  If you go to a Led Zepplin concert, you won't hear the record versions of the songs . . .  the live performance of the songs are much longer and they improvise the 'jams' so as no 2 times hearing the same song of a live performance is ever the same. 

It's very cool to see how these rock bands, who have been together for several years, know each other's style of jamming. They play these incredible jams and then are able to get back to the song quite seemlessly!  Jazz performers are real good at this, too. 

But, as much as I do love listening to great jazz, I love playing Rock N Roll and jamming!

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