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Bill Clinton Strikes Out

According to the story former president Bill Clinton asked Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones to please perform again as Led Zeppelin for the Hurricane Sandy relief concert. They respectfully declined his invitation.

First of all, asking someone to reunite with their old band is like asking someone to attend a function escorting his old girlfriend. This becomes especially tricky if he's now happily married to someone else. It doesn't matter how good a couple their old friends thought they were together, it just isn't appropriate. Secondly, to perform in a benefit concert means PLAYING FOR FREE. If Led Zep were to reform it would be worth millions. Why would they play for free? Hurricane Sandy was a terrible catastrophe but it happened to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the home to some of the wealthiest people and businesses on Earth. Why would a band of Englishmen really want to go out of their way for an act of God that hit America? Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans and the Southern U.S., birthplace of the Blues, Led Zep's beloved form of music, is one thing, but New York and New Jersey? They'll let Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi handle this one.

Clinton really should have called his shots better and not wasted a sterling reputation as an International diplomat on a no-win situation like getting Led Zeppelin to reform, for free. How serious will North Korea take him now?

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