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More Drawings

I consider Drawings From My Mind one of The Tooners' more psychedelic songs. It's really not truly a psychedelic song but it has the kind of uniqueness that puts it into a category that defies classification. If you want to understand where the lyrics for this song came from look at the video for Mass Murder Man, the Womanizer animated video. Womanizers' guitarist, Corey Harris, wrote the song Mass Murder Man and designed the video and years later when the band had morphed into The Tooners, Tooners founder and former Womanizer lead singer, Greg Piper, wrote the lyrics to Drawings From My Mind to fit the visuals of Mass Murder Man as a writing exercise.

Mass Murder Man - Corey Harris' award winning animated music video.

The song did have its own music and a great guitar solo by Tooners associate Jerry Strull and got recorded with the help of the members of the Beatles tribute band Yesterday. The Bolero beat on the solo is somewhat reminiscent of The Jefferson Airplane's great psychedelic classic, White Rabbit, so that may be a contributing factor, along with the lyrics and unique guitar arrangement, of why I consider it The Tooners' psychedelic song. Of course, the real psychedelic song of The Tooners is I'm High from the Rock & Roll Rehab Show. Or at least it's the parody of a psychedelic song.

Here's the REAL psychedelic song, I'm High (what else could it be?)

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