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Ozzie, My Hero

 Before you say I've spelled Ozzy wrong I should mention that I am referring not to Ozzy Osborne, the Prince of Darkness and lead singer of Black Sabbath, but Ozzie Nelson the dad in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, a sitcom of the 1950s and early 60s.

Ozzie Nelson was a band leader in real life but his profession was never mentioned in the TV series. He always seemed to be home and the only time I recall him even referring to work was on my favorite episode. In this episode Ozzie wakes up one morning and decides he's just not going to go to work that day. He's going to spend the whole day in bed! I guess that was a radical thing to do for a husband and father in the 1950s. Finally, a TV character to which I could relate. During the course of the episode his family would come into his room one by one to ask him if he wasn't feeling well. After all, why else would he still be in bed in his pajamas so late in the day? He would explain that he just felt like staying in bed all day. That was crazy!

What really made me relate to Ozzie was when they showed him in bed with his acoustic guitar which was something I'd do a lot. See? It was perfectly acceptable for a grown man to spend all day in bed playing his guitar. The punchline of the episode was when his son Ricky came in to see how he was doing and mentioned that it was Saturday. Ozzie jumped out of bed yelling that he had wasted the whole day. Just like me, lazy and never knowing what day it is.

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