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Jerry Strull And The Artist Salon

The family hosted a House Concert / Party for friend and auxiliary Tooner Jerry Strull recently. I turned the living room into a makeshift theater with seating for about 25. Jerry did his solo acoustic set under the chandelier and surrounded by candles in front of the picture window. With my sons and their friends who sat on the stairs there were well over thirty people in attendance.

It was a magical evening with Jerry in fine voice and always a master of guitar. His first set were all original tunes with melodies as strong as the lyrics were poignant and his second set were old favorites re-imagined. The experience reminded me of the stories I'd heard of the art salons of Paris and of the evening jams we used to get together for back before we had families.

 Artist Gita Lloyd in front row paints performer Jerry Strull while performing.

Another great aspect of the event was that old friend and former band mate in the Newwave band Wild Oscare, David Nigel Lloyd, came down with his wife the artist Gita Lloyd. Gita likes to paint events in "real time" and has painted author Ray Bradbury during a book signing and other celebrities. While Jerry performed Gita sat in front and painted him. She wasn't the only artist there as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle producer Bill Wolf also sketched Jerry while he played.

 Artist Gita Llyod's Expressionistic painting of Folk-Pop musician Jerry Strull.

David and Gita spent the night and the next morning David got a call telling him he's been accepted in a big Folk Music Festival up North so it was quite a weekend for my artist friends.

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