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Stairways To Heaven

Celtic Folk / Blues artist David Nigel Lloyd just sent me a link to a video of the classic song Stairway To Heaven... by Dolly Parton. I actually like this version even though I am not a country music fan. What I wonder is what Dolly's fans thought about her performing a song written by the number one band of the Christian Right's hit list, the infamous Led Zeppelin?

Dolly treads where most country stars fear to go.

I remember a great bit on one of my old favorite TV shows, SCTV, where they did a spoof of those late night commercials selling Best Of compilation LPs. This one was called Stairways To Heaven and it was a dozen different renditions performed by such unlikely singers as country star Slim Whitman. Of course, Stairways To Heaven was a joke as no real Country music singer would ever really perform such an obvious Satan worshiping hymn as Stairway.

My favorite version, although Heart does a great one, is Stairway To Gilligan's Island by Little Roger and the Goosebumps,

Heart's version is too close to Zep's for comfort.

Stairway To Gilligan's Island is a very clever and well performed version of the music of Stairway To Heaven but with the lyrics and melody of the theme song of the TV series Gilligan's Island. Very clever and very well played, including a nice but abbreviated version of Jimmy Page's great solo.

A MAD Magazine worthy parody of two great cultural works of art. Well, one maybe.

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