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The Alchemy Of A Rock And Roll Band

It’s funny how a band sounds a certain way, unlike any other configuration of it. There are bands that undergo multiple personnel changes over the years and still keep their basic sound intact such as Fleetwood Mac or Genesis or The Eagles but if the original members reunite they instantly sound the way they did when they started. Even when the new members who are often times much better musicians play the old parts note for note, when the original players perform together it has their unique quality.

I noticed this with my old band, Womanizer. Over the years Womanizer has had ten different musicians as members. We always played the same songs with the same arrangements and instrumentation but when the original members would reunite at a birthday party jam we instantly sounded like the old band.

Even the substitution of a bass player or a rhythm guitarist made a big difference in our sound even when the new guy would play the same parts using the same sounds. The playing itself, the touch of the fingers on the strings, adds so much unique quality and texture that it changes the overall sound noticeably.

If you like the way your band sounds and if you like the band’s overall ‘character’ think twice about replacing a member simple because you have an opportunity to get someone who’s a better musician. The change may not make for a better band at all.

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  1. . . . or it might make things even better . . . you never know!