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New From The Old

I like the new Paul McCartney single, New. I haven't liked any of Sir Paul's stuff recently but this one has a real nice retro Sixties feel. It sounds like Paul McCartney singing like Emitt Rhodes singing like Paul McCartney. It has a 1966 vibe to it. Sort of that English music hall early psychedelic / flower power sound. It would work well on a playlist with Winchester Cathedral or Ian Whitcomb.

The NEW logo looks more like it says HELL to me.

This same week another knight of the realm, Sir Elton John, released a new single called Home Again. This is the first song from Elton I've liked in a while as well. It may seem more poignant to me since this is the weekend my sons are moving out into their own place so I can relate to growing old and alone.

I've always been affected by stories that span a person's entire life, even if there is a happy ending.

I like it when the artists with whom you grew up are able to keep expressing how you feel at the different stages of your life. I guess that's why Paul McCartney and Elton John are knights.

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