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Happy New End Of The World Year

Happy New Year, specifically, happy 2012. This year is significant only in that it is being promoted as the year that sees the end of the world, again. People love to think that they’re living in the end times and that when they go they’re taking it all with them. Why should the party continue without us?

    For the most part we get our doomsday predictions from four separate sources: the Bible, the writings of the French seer Nostradamus, the “sleeping prophet” of the 1920s, Edgar Cayce and most recently the newly popular though ancient Mayan Calendar. Let’s consider each of these.

    The Old Testament’s Book of Revelations is believed to foretell the end of the world but all of what it predicted has already come to past. If you lived in Roman Times, or earlier, it was a dog eat dog world. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and survival of the fittest. To see the world today is in fact to see the “Kingdom of God on Earth.” It has been observed that the number 666, said to be the “mark of the Beast” is the numerological name of the infamous Roman Emperor, Nero. The “world”, which was the way Ancient Rome was described in its heyday, did in fact come to an end but not before the “Kingdom of Heaven” replaced it by the Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire. You can stop worrying about biblical predictions, they’ve already happened.

We first hear about the concept of the Antichrist leading the world to the brink of destruction through the writings of Nostradamus in the 1500s. But according to Nostradamus the end of the world occurs in the year 3797. He also states that after the final apocalypse, which we might consider to be World War Three, there is a thousand years of peace. He doesn’t say there will be a thousand years of peace and then World War Four, or Five or Six, he says a thousand years of peace and then the end of the world in 3797. That means the great war which sees the rise of the third Antichrist, which we’re all expecting any minute now, won’t happen until the year 2770 since it is suppose to last 27 years. We don’t have to worry about the coming of the Antichrist or the third world war for another 758 years.

Edgar Cayce gives us the most information we have about the lost continent of Atlantis outside of Plato. His doomsday scenario involves the tilting of the Earth on its axis which causes widespread terror from which the third Antichrist emerges initially as a great leader. The Earth tilt is the most intriguing of the doomsday scenarios because there is some science to support it. The Earth is already tilted which gives its rotation a wobble and geologists tell us the poles have switched their magnetic polarity several times in the distant past. The poles switching their magnetic polarity does not necessarily mean the planet itself moves at all, just that the magnetic polarity reverses which could cause some havoc to compasses and migrating birds. Again, it is the tilt of the Earth that sets up the circumstances from which the third Antichrist can arise and instigate the great apocalypse so to cross-reference this with Nostradamus, we’re probably safe for another seven hundred years.

Lastly we have the Mayan Calendar. Like most calendars the Mayan Calendar is based on astronomical events and the Mayan chose to record the days taking place within an “age” based on the Procession of the Constellations. We, as were the Mayan, in the age of Pieces and we are now entering into the age of Aquarius. The hippies in the 60s were premature. The Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the age, not the end of the world. How would they know and why would they even care to predict the end of our world? They would have predicted the end of their own world, in the 1600s by the hands of the Conquistadors, before they’d bother to predict the end of a world that distant from them. At least Nostradamus saw enough of a continuity from his culture to the end to consider 3797 the end of his world too. The Mayans certainly would not have considered us anything close to what they were. If Martians attacked us, completely destroyed our culture, our civilization and our bloodline would we, even if we could, bother to warn them of their own inglorious end thousands of years in the future. I doubt it. Why give them a heads up?

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