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The TOONERS' animated television program is based in part on the concept behind THE TOONERS' Illustrated lyrics magazine,PAPERCUTS and THE TOONERS' ROCK & ROM, CD ROM. That concept being that in the not so distant future rock & roll bands will consist of members who are not only musicians and composers but also artists and filmmakers. The format of the show is as a series of animated short films representing the different levels of THE TOONERS' CD ROM. As with PAPERCUTS MAGAZINE, The TOONERS' television show is presented as being written, designed, acted and animated by the four members of the band itself. Each member of The TOONERS has his own particular artistic style and sense of humor as well as their own songwriting and performing styles. Although each member of The TOONERS has his own interests and views which he may use his contribution to the show to express, the overwhelming interest that all four share is the world of rock & roll . While many different topics may be presented, they are always viewed from a rock & roll perspective. The adventures of The TOONERS themselves runs in short segments throughout the course of the show adding a continuity to an otherwise stream of consciousness procession of cartoon shorts and animated music videos. The four members of The Tooners each have a hand in writing and animating the caricatures of themselves and many times clash in their views of what direction their group segment of the show should take. This disagreement and sometimes not so KIND NATURED conflict of their "creative differences" contributes to some of the programs more humorous and entertaining sequences. However, no matter how much trouble they get themselves into, the end they always manage to use the experience to create something that shows them to be much more than the sum of their parts.


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Felix The Pig & Platterpuss are the cartoon mascots of the rock & roll band Womanizer, and PaperCuts' magazine, respectively. They have been featured in The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Cartoon Animals (Jeff Rovin, Prentice Hall Press) and were finalists in the Turner/Hanna Barbera Storyboard Contest. They are the alleged offspring of famous cartoon animals who live in Hollywood where they feel that because of their dubious parentage, the industry owes them a living.


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The Wharf Potatoes is an animated series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of Capt' Carl, "The Last Real Man". Capt' Carl is the owner of a small fishing boat that supplies fish and shellfish to the sidewalk cafes of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. A hard working, tolerant man, Carl has been facing the fact that his patience with the world around him is vanishing almost as quickly as his business since reconstituted white fish replaced real crab meat in the sidewalk sundaes served along the pier. These days it seems his old friends on the Wharf are being displaced by people he can hardly recognize as human. Of course, his main source of irritation, The Wharf Potatoes, are not human at all but the loud, belligerent, obnoxious sea lions that have assumed eminent domain of the Wharf.
Protected by the Environment Protection Agency and drawn to the Wharf by the tidbits thrown to them by the tourists, the Wharf Potatoes clog up the docks, litter the pier and harass everyone within earshot. They are not Capt' Carl's only annoyance. The shop keepers who once were his friends and customers have been replaced by rude foreigners whom he can't understand. But at least he can hear them. The over population on the pier of street mimes really drives him crazy as well as the rest of the cast of street performers, pan handlers, aging hippies and punks. And it seems everyone reserves their "god given" right to state their opinion and criticism of the "white, male, straight, establishment" of which he, apparently, is the sole representative. Yet old Capt' Carl has to keep his views and complaints to himself. He's just a guy trying to get by the only way he knows how. Unfortunately, it's the nineties.


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Pizza Fella, the classic underground comix character (Pg.253, The Official Underground And Newave Comix Price Guide, Jay Kennedy, Boater Norton Press, 1982) has returned for his own animated television series. Of course he still gets into adventures every night as he delivers pizzas to the hungry people of San Diego, California where he is working his way through college but the show also offers his many daydreams and "head trips" as Alice In Wonderland style fantasies. Being a very phyisophical individual who ponders the meaning of reality and the nature of consciousness but also a rock & roll fan and someone completely submersed in pop culture, his animated fantasies take on a definitely nineties attitude. He is kind of an Einstein on acid, only without the Einstein part. His job takes him face to face with the everyday people (students, sailors, tourists and others indigenous to San Diego) and situations of the real world and it's this mixture of the mundane with the ethereal that gives the show it's unique flavor.

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In the days before the Great Flood, before the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Aztecs, before the Golden Age of Greece and the Holy Roman Empire there was Atlantis. The "Things of Atlantis" were the human/animal hybrids that were among the most honored and most maligned of the citizens of the ancient city-state. They have been passed down through stories and songs as the Centaurs, Mermaids and other "mythological" creatures. Some were intelligent, sensitive beings that became the musicians, artists. poets and physicians of Atlantis and were among the most loved and admired of it's citizens. Others were used as beasts of burden and warriors and were much more animal than human. This is their story. A story of love and tolerance in a land of technological advancements and a war like people.

The A & R Men
From Outer Space

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The adventures of a pair of talent scouts from another planet whose incredibly bad taste combined with a misunderstanding of our pop culture leads to the creation of hilarious artistic hybrids that become major hits on their home planet. Prize winner in the MTV Character Screen Test Competition (1997).

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