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Later With Gorillaz

I just watched an episode of Later... With Jools Holland that featured the band Gorillaz. Gorillaz are the band that plays with big screen projections of the adventures of a cartoon band. They're the only band I know of that performs to animation except Pink Floyd and The Tooners.

Although I never really cared for Gorillaz's music or the fact that although the animated "band members" lip sync to the song the action on the screen never really seems to be illustrating the lyrics, the action seems completely different than any story the song is telling. But to be honest I usually can't understand what the singer is saying but in this Later... episode I'm pretty sure the song wasn't about a car full of musicians(?) getting shot at by Bruce Willis.

For some reason this video didn't include the band's drummer, it was just the other three members who are driving through a desert at high speed, blast by a cop who then crashes trying to pursue them and then are chased down by a civilian (Bruce Willis) who then murders them by shooting into their car. Not much of a story but average Bruce Willis fare.

How do I know the person who shot them was suppose to be Bruce Willis? That's because it WAS Bruce Willis. This wasn't the Gorillaz's standard 2D hand drawn animated video but a live action film that had the Gorillaz inserted as 3D computer animated characters. If the design of the Gorillaz wasn't creepy enough before (and it was), this CGI version is even creepier.

I've been grieving the loss of traditional  hand drawn 2D animation and now I have one more causality to add to the list.

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