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Greg Piper & The Tooners On Blog Talk Radio With Amy Arkwy

This morning Greg Piper and I are scheduled to be interviewed by Amy Arkawy on Blog Talk Radio. I hope we don't make the listening audience (both of them) as sleepy as we're going to be. The show airs live at noon back east which means our interview will take place at nine in the morning for us.

Amy is going to play a couple tunes from our Rocktasia CD and our newest releases; Drawings From My Mind and Seance and she'll ask what the songs are about. Knowing me and Greg we'll probably make something up on the fly and B.S. our way through. I know we want to draw people to our website (the one you're reading this on) and maybe do a bit of a fundraising drive for our organization, Rock & Roll Rehab - For The Control Of Rock & Roll. We are the poster children for failed rock bands and pathetically committed rock fans, which we play for laughs but I hope we don't come off just sounding depressed and dejected (since we actually are depressed and dejected).

"Ha, Ha.. we're in Rock & Roll Rehab because our families think we're now too old to keep playin' in a rock band... ha, ha..." but the pain is there. Yes, it's there, behind the eyes....

Or maybe we could discuss politics. If that story about the Mayor of San Diego being a huge sleezebag is still hot maybe we could use that as a jumping off point and resort to our old Womanizer routines and sexually harrassed Amy on the air! Priceless! 

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