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Something Definitely Has To Go

I just watched what is perhaps the worst TV show I've ever seen. It's even more vile than Toddlers And Tiaras which I don't even understand how it's legal. This one is called Does Someone Have To Go? and I suppose is suppose to be a business workplace version of Survivor.

In this business make-over show the employees are videoed being interviewed about their fellow employees. They are brutally honest and are then asked to select three employees for potential termination. Then the edited interviews are shown to all the employees as they all sit together and have to listen to each other badmouth each other including their employers. Then it gets even worse! They are then shown what each of them makes for a yearly salary. This is horrible! These days people are desperate to find and keep even the low paying ($15000 to $24,000) jobs the folks on this particular episode were making (in Southern California). To mess with people's livelihoods for "Reality Show" entertainment is inexcusable.

The staff is then turned loose to try and lobby for their continued employment by developing alliances as on Survivor and then the three employees voted the most "toxic" are singled out. What I saw was part one of a two parter and I dread to think what the show is going to force these three people to do to try and keep their jobs. Once this show is over and the cameras have left I don't see how the remaining employees can ever really work together the same way again. The ought to call this show Let's Tear Apart Some Company For Shits And Giggles, cause that's what this is.

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