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The Evolution Of Etiquette

Why don't characters on television dramas say goodbye when they're done talking on the phone? I don't know if this is a new development and I don't know if it reflects actual modern day phone etiquette but I've noticed more than a few characters simply hanging up the phone when they're done speaking. Saying goodbye indicates a person's desire to end the conversation but hanging it up with no indication of wanting the conversation to end used to be called getting hung up on and is considered rude.

Perhaps what we're seeing is the evolution from speaking to texting. My college aged sons seem to prefer texting to talking on the phone to the point where if a friend calls they'll say they'll text them back and then hang up the phone. With a text you simply end your thought without a farewell. That may be acceptable for a text but it seems very strange to abruptly end a phone conversation that way.

I think I'm adding this to my list of things that are common place in the world as depicted on television shows and movies but are not the way it is in the real world, at least the world I'm used to. Another example is the complete lack of screens on windows in TV  and movies houses. Are there no insects in these worlds?

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