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More JFK Stuff

Have you been watching all those History and Discovery channel shows on the JFK assassination? I love this stuff and there's been a ton of great footage that I've never seen before. Surprisingly, after 50 years all these shows seem to believe that Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, all by himself.

Vincent Bugliosi who wrote a book defending the Warren Commission said that Jack Ruby, who ran nightclubs owned by the mob, wasn't a mobster himself. His "proof" is that official phone company records show that Ruby made 50 (50!!!) phone calls to known mobsters in the weeks before the assassination. How is that proof Ruby WASN'T a mobster? It is because the reason Ruby made the calls was because the Strippers' Union (strippers have a union?) was giving him problems, the Union was run by the mob and he was calling the mobsters to try and work out the problems. Why would Ruby have Stripper Union problems if he himself was in the mob? In other words, a dog is an animal, a cat is an animal, therefore a dog is a cat.

If the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonist Union was giving me problems I would not make 50 calls to the various union officials' home phone numbers unless I knew them personally. I would be calling the Union office. How did Bugliosi get this info? Is this the reason Jack Ruby gave to explain calling mobsters 50 times?

I love how these "science" shows will state a fact (phone records shows Ruby made 50 calls to known mobsters) then follow that with a "fact" that is completely unsubstantiated ( he was calling about Union problems) which leads to the "obvious" conclusion (if Ruby was a mobster he wouldn't have Stripper Union problems), or "a dog is a cat".

There was a great show about the "lost bullet" that did make sense. That one said that all the witnesses heard three shots and the Zapruder film showed Kennedy getting shot twice. They assumed the first shot hit him in the back and the head shot was the last one fired. Therefore, the second shot missed, hit some curb which sent a chip up and hit a bystander drawing blood. But the Zapruder film showed the limo making the turn then was turned off for a few seconds and picked up the limo again right before the back shot. The "first" shot that hit Kennedy was not the first shot heard. That one was reflected, bounced off the curb and hurt the bystander. The second shot hit Kennedy in the back and the third one hit him in the head so the shooter didn't need to shoot all three shots within 5.6 seconds but only the last two.

A few days after the assassination investigators shot some footage from the window seeing what the shooter saw and that film shows a hole in the metal frame of a traffic light that was suspended over the street and under which the limo passed at right where you'd think the shooter would have had the best shot. This show said that Oswald's first shot, when the limo was the closest, hit the traffic light. The ejected shell fell across the floor. He then had to reposition himself to make the next two shots and those shells lay next to each other on the floor, away from the first shell.

This show was good and pretty convincing.

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