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The Bad Boys Club

In a previous post I mentioned how animated films, in fact, a lot of movies animated or otherwise have a strong, even violent female lead while the men are reduced to negative male stereotypes. Some might say that the male characters are “bad boys” because that’s the type that appeal to women. From where did that cliche come?

In most stereotypes there are aspects that are based on truth and it is true that bad boys make appealing movie characters. For one thing they take the kind of risks that leads to more exciting stories but there is more than that. Here is the basics of that whole “bad boy” thing; Bad Boys, also known as Jerks or referred to as A-holes, Punks and/or Losers appeal to some women because they are perceived as having (most of the time mistakenly) the one quality some women find literally irresistible, namely, confidence. That is the one thing that people who lack it crave the most. The problem is that A-holes and jerks sometimes get mistaken for having confidence because they do the sort of things that really take some balls. Actually, they don’t, they’re just stupid, ignorant, stoned, drunk or terminally obnoxious but their lack of sensitivity, sense of consequence, guilt, pride and/or morality is seen as simply not giving a crap what anybody thinks of them and that is sometimes misconstrued as having confidence. This is why beer is universally acclaimed as being a great pick up aid. “Liquid Confidence” is another term for alcohol and we all know that booze doesn’t really give anyone confidence, it just destroys your fear, doubt, common sense and reason.
"Wow, I can't believe you did that last night!" a girl might say to a guy who completely ruined himself the night before in a drunken exhibition of loss of control. And she's saying that as if totally impressed. Totally! If he acts cool, like he knows what she's talking about because he actually remembered what he did, he's got it made with her. It's only if he has any regret, remorse or is at all appologetic or embarrassed that he becomes the A-hole in her eyes.The best thing a guy can say to a girl is not "I love you" and not, "I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me?" and certainly not "I'll never act like that again, I promise." No, the absolute best thing a guy can ever say, EVER, is; "I meant to do that."

A-Hole 101.

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