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Can't Keep A Good Man Down

I just read that it's the 20th anniversary of John Wayne Bobbitt getting his "bobbitt" cut off by his wife. His wife Lorena Bobbitt claimed he came home drunk, beat and raped her so after he fell asleep she chopped off the tip of his member with a butcher knife then threw it out the car window as she fled the scene. The police later recovered the missing piece and it was reattached in a ten hour operation.

The amazing part of this story is that John Wayne Bobbitt went on to become a star in porno movies and claims to have had successful sexual relations with over seventy women in the last twenty years. Of course you can't tell people a story like this and then sell it in an upcoming autobiography if you haven't become a born again Christian, which he has.

When you think about it, it's weird how many people have serious handicaps that then excel at something that their handicap should have made impossible. There's that Olympic runner who has no legs and there is also a paraplegic mountain climber. Classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven was deaf and I've even seen paintings done by the blind (?!). Jerry Garcia was a great guitar player with only nine and a half fingers but I think John Wayne Bobbitt has the most amazing story of overcoming a handicap of all.

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