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The Tooners' Rocktasia CD Songwriters

Being the 20th anniversary of The Tooners' rocktasia CD I'm writing about the three co-writers of songs included on the CD. The last article was about Don Coorough, writer of They Died Young and this one is about my brother, Dwayne Warner, listed as co-writer of Paid To Die.

Dwayne was a bodyguard for the English Punk rock band The Sex Pistols on their 1978 American tour and titled his autobiography (since novelized to protect, well, him), Paid To Die. Since I wrote the song about his stories about being on the road with a band as their head of security and since I took his autobiography title for the song title I credited him as co-writer.

Seven years ago this month, on Labor Day of 2006, Dwayne died of a Cerebral Aneurysm. I find it very coincidental that Dwayne, who was born on Memorial Day would die on Labor Day, two holidays I always mixed up. He also lived as long as his hero, actor Errol Flynn, fifty years.

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