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50 Psychedelic '60s Bands To Hear Before You Die

The following is from a Youtube video of samples of 50 Acid Rock bands you may of never heard before although some like The Electric Prunes, Love, Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Chocolate Watchband were West Coast bands and had hits in California.

50 Psychedelic Bands To Hear Before You Die.

Afterglow -- Morning. The Animated Egg -- A Love Built On Sand, The Art Of Lovin' -- What The Young Minds Say, Beacon Street Union -- Pack Up, Bow Street Runners -- American Talking Blues
Bread, Love And Dreams -- Masquerade, The Chocolate Watchband -- Medication
Clear Light -- Street Singer. Creation of Sunlight -- Seven Times Infinity, Dantalian's Chariot -- Coffee Song, December's Children --Sweet Talkin' Woman, The Deep Six -- Paint It Black
The Electric Prunes -- I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night), Elizabeth -- Mary-Anne, Faine Jade -- Cold Winter Sun Symphony in D Major, The Fallen Angels -- Introspective Looking Glass, Flat Earth Society -- Feeling Much Better, The Growing Concern -- Sit Down, I Think I Love You
H.P. Lovecraft -- Mobius Trip, Iron Butterfly -- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, July -- Dandelion Seeds
Kaleidoscope -- The Sky Children, The Leathercoated Minds -- Kicks, The Litter -- Soul Searchin'
Love -- Signed D.C., The Maze -- I'm So Sad, The Misunderstood -- Children of the Sun
Morgen -- Purple, The Moving Sidewalks -- Crimson Witch, Mystic Siva -- Keep Your Head
N.S.U. -- Turn On, Or Turn Me Down, Nova Local -- Tobacco Road, The Open Mind -- Soul And My Will, Pearls Before Swine -- Another Time, Phluph -- Love Eyes
The Pretty Things -- Balloon Burning, Quicksilver Messenger Service -- Fresh Air,Scrugg -- Wish I Was Five, Second Hand -- Mainliner, The Serpent Power -- Flying Away, The Smoke -- The Hobbit Symphony, Spirits And Worm -- Spirits And Worm, Strawberry Alarm Clock -- The World Is On Fire
The Tea Company -- Make Love Not War, Tomorrow -- Hallucinations, The Travel Agency -- Lonely Seabird, Ultimate Spinach -- Plastic Raincoating, The Underground -- The Warper
Womb -- Conceptions of Reality II, The 13th Floor Elevators -- Reverberation

More great obscure '60s psychedelic bands:

#51 Children Of The Mushroom, #52 Chrysalis, #53 The Human Beinz, #54 Iota, #55 It's A Beautiful Day, #56 The Lollipop Shoppe, #57 Morning Dew, #58 The Music Machine, #59 The Sacred Mushroom, #60 Them, #61 Toad Hall, #62 The United States Of America, #63 Quintessence
#64 The Grass Roots, #65 Skip Bifferty, #66 Twink, #67 The Other Half, #68 The Zoo
#69 The Illusion, #70 Liquid Smoke, #71 The Hunger, #72 Sweet Smoke, #73 Electric Toilet
#74 Gong, #75 Wilde Flowers, #76 Soft Machine, #77 Five Day Week Straw People
#78 The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, #79 Country Joe & The Fish
#80 The Red Krayola, #81 The Storybook, #82 Kenny & the Casuals
#83 The Human Expression, #84 The Third Bardo, #85 The Third Ear Band, #86 The Hook
#87 Colours

Sod the numbering!

The Outsiders, Blossom Toes, C.A. Quintet, The Churchills, The Hangmen, Ars Nova, The Comfortable Chair, T*I*M*E, Mourning Dayze, The Hatchers, Fever Tree, Neon Pearl
The Byrds, Andwella's Dream, Mandrake Memorial, The Deviants
The Incredible String Band, Savage Resurrection, Fifty Foot Hose, White Noise, Blues Magoos
The Seeds, Kak, Music Emporium, Fenwyk, Supersister, Bubble Puppy, Bad Seeds
Thursday's Children, American Blues, Zakary Thaks, Mouse and the Traps, Shivas Headband
The Wig, Conqueroo, The Children, Mandrake Memorial, The Great Society, The Leaves
The Castaways, Marmalade, The End, Family, The Third Bardo, The Mystic Tide
Lothar and The Hand People, Mind Garage, Asphalt Mother, Catharsis, The Monks
Bo Grumpus, Aum, We The People, The Collectors, Grass and Wild Strawberries
Amboy Dukes, The Turtles, Cold Sun, Silver Apples, Listening, Mint Tattoo, Eden's Children
The Hobbits, The Marshmallow Steamshovel

Of all these bands I've actually heard 19 and have heard of about half that and actually partied with three. If you happen to have been in one of these bands please leave a comment and tell us of your experience. After the NUGGETS album series I thought I'd heard all the psychedelic bands from the 60s there were to hear but I guess it just goes to show that the past is changing as much as the future.

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