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I've Lost My Appetite

Yes, it has come to this. Just when you think "poor Stephanie, she's so talented, why does she has to turn herself into some monstrosity like Lady Gaga to get her music noticed?" comes this example of modern music marketing. It's the Vegan Black Metal Chef, an online cooking show starring a "Black Metal" musician. It's not very musical but then I don't find "Black Metal" very musical anyway.

Without the subtitles you wouldn't even realize the "lyrics" don't rhyme.

I don't begrudge the guy's success at doing what he he's doing to get noticed as a "musician" (or as a chef), but this really seems like a gag from the cartoon show Metalocalypse. This is Rock & Roll lifestyle taken to an extreme. Why don't they make a new TV series that looks like a cross between The Munsters or the Adams Family and The Monkees and have it be about a "Black Metal" band?

It bothers me that the generic style of Rock music these days is either Metal or Punk. Of all the styles to have survived into becoming the caricature of music those two, along with Rap, are the worst examples of the genre. I like that they exist, the more the merrier, but don't make every story, movie or TV show about a rock band a Metal or Punk band. There are other kinds of Rock & Roll.

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