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Happy New Year!

Happy 2014. Things seem to be improving which isn't too hard considering what crap the 21st Century has been thus far. First we had the big panic over Y2K which was back when we liked to get excited over nothing like the president hitting on White House interns. Then we had 911 which lead to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then we had the space shuttle Columbia disaster of 2002 then the disaster of Hurricane Katrina which a recent poll of Republicans in Louisiana said that 24% blamed the government's bad response as the fault of President Obama (?!). Don't forget the BP Gulf Oil Spill which mysteriously disappeared (from the press) and the Great Recession (near Depression) of '08 to now.

On the plus side we did elect the first non old white man as president which is really only because the Democrat's real choice, a Southern white man with Kennedy hair (got to have some JFK appeal) and with a cancer patient wife completely self destructed in the most douche bag way possible leaving the Democrats with their token black man and lady candidate who were only running in the primary to attract minorities and women to their side before throwing all their supporters to the good looking white man. The Democrats were doomed... unless the Republicans did something even dumber like deciding to run a woman of their own, not as a Presidential candidate in the primary but as the Vice Presidential candidate. They did run an African-American in the primary but since McCain was in his seventies and had a history of cancer a vote for John McCain seemed very likely a vote for the first woman president, Sarah Palin. The big question in 2008 was Is America More Racist Or Sexist?

God Bless America, we're more sexist.

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