It’s A Small World Of Rock And Roll

In 1979 I was in a Newwave band with The Tooners’ drummer, Patrick Meehan, and David Nigel Lloyd who is now a renown Celtic Folk artist. The three of us knew each other from high school. Our first professional club gig was at the Mecca of Newwave in L.A. at the time, Madame Wong’s in Chinatown. At that first show was another old friend, classmate and member of another up an coming Newwave band, Greg Piper. Greg, Pat and I would eventually form Womanizer and eventually The Tooners.

Greg is also in the bands, Working Class Hero, The John Lennon Tribute, Revolution, A Tribute To The Beatles, and the John Lennon themed stage show, Just Imagine. For Just Imagine which shares the Hayworth Theater with the Tooners’ show, Rock & Roll Rehab, the Lennon band, fronted by Greg’s brother Tim as John, has augmented their lineup with some seasoned pros. So far so good but here is where the world starts to shrink.

At our first gig back in 1979 at Madame Wong’s we played on a bill with two other bands. One of those bands was called Bugs Tomorrow. Being an important gig in my life and having such an odd name I’ve always remembered Bugs Tomorrow. Recently I was remembering that show and wondered, with the marvel of the Internet and Google, if I could find some information on Bugs Tomorrow. I did and was surprised to learn that Bugs was a guy’s name, that they were a signed band (I thought we were all amateurs at that point) and that their keyboard player was none other than the new keyboard player for Greg and Tim’s show, Just Imagine. Just imagine indeed! What a small world.

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