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The Store Of Light

I was walking around the local mall the other day and I wondered into a lighting store. It had some LED lights in the window and I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to color lights so I went inside. I couldn't tell what it was the store was selling, I just liked the lights in the window, then Bob, the salesman on duty, told me that what the store sells is lights.

What seemed like a huge waste of a mall storefront, selling LED lights? Really? turned out to be pretty cool. These LED lights are of course much cooler and energy efficient than normal light bulbs although they screw into the standard lighting fixture, but they CHANGE COLORS! Like I said, I'm a sucker for color lights. These things are white light but can also change to different colors such as red, green and blue. The same light bulb changes color! And they do it by REMOTE CONTROL! A small remote unit controls not only the color of the bulb but also the intensity (it's a rheostat) and the time the color takes to change to another color. It was amazing how much control you can have over one light bulb. They can be programmed to flicker, to go up and down in brightness and change color in a repeating pattern.

It's the lighting at Disneyland that I've loved since I was a little guy. The blacklight painted characters and backgrounds they use in the rides in Fantasyland such as Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the Snow White, Alice In Wonderland and Pinocchio rides really simulate the experience of actually being in an animated cartoon. That is because the lighting all seemed to emanate from the objects themselves rather than directional light as from a lamp or the sun. It's the lighting of dreams.

 Like living in a dream, or an acid flashback.

This store in the mall claims they will soon be offering blacklight bulbs and I offered to paint them some large blacklight paintings to decorate the store and use to demonstrate their blacklights. If they hire me to do that I'll mention the name of the store.

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