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Sneaky Public Relation

My book of fiction about the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967, The Haight, just got released as an Ebook for the Kindle and I wanted to announce this to someone who might give a crap. I went to websites about "Hippies" and left a comment on the page to the effect of "If you like hippies try reading The Haight by Neal Warner". Then I thought that might seem like an abuse of the COMMENTS section on a site as it is blatant advertising so I Googled "Website Etiquette" and found that local radio station KROQ actually had a "Website Etiquette" column on their website. I left the same comment in their COMMENTS box. This way I got my message across to people who are into rock and roll (it's the KROQ website) and it is completely appropriate in that I am asking a question about website etiquette.

Back in the days of my old New Wave band Womanizer we used to place ads in the "singles" sections of local underground newspapers and sex tabloids saying that a new "singles club" or "swinger's club" is meeting and the "password" at the door is "Womanizer". These covert meetings were to take place wherever the band happened to have a gig.

This little ploy worked GREAT! Until our then girlfriends came to our gigs and were mistaken by our new "fans" as willing single swingers who were there not to see the band but to hook up with strangers. On the up side, we also attracted some new female fans who came for the same purpose so our former girlfriends were quickly replaced.

They didn't call us Womanizer for nothing.


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